Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Havre, From All Angles (Day Three Continued)

Havre Montana is a railroad town. It also has a small college. I arrive to find that the Chinook winds are warming up the area. Where it was 40 below wind chills, it is now 43 above.


After 48 hours on a train wearing the same clothes and using Handi Wipes as my only hygienic purpose... I feel funky.

I need to take a shower ASAP. I walk with my luggage a mere 2 blocks, where I encounter the El Toro Inn (Spanish for "The Toro") For $60, I get a large room, with a huge desk, wi-fi and a flat screen TV. The Weather Channel says I will have one more day of this nice weather, before things turn back to winter.

Better make the best of it.

I call the rent-a-car place, and Rose (my agent) says she was looking for me at the station. (She's never seen me before, how would she know what I looked like?)

She drives back down to the hotel and picks me up to take me into the dealership, where I fill out the remaining paperwork.

I thought I was getting a Chevy Cobalt for my rental, but it turns out I get an AWD Pontiac Vibe.


I drive back to the hotel, and take a walk around town, get a few groceries. A sandwich wrap, a bag of chips and 4 pack of Guinness. Truly the Irish 6 Course Meal.

I stash the food in my mini fridge, and stretch my legs a bit.

Havre has a nice downtown, but many of the old buildings are empty. The ones that are occupied are often Casinos.

I'm not a gambler, but I am fascinated by the presence of all these places. Truly bizarre at times.

My leg muscles feel like they have atrophied from sitting on the train for so long, so after a several blocks... I am starting to fade. I go back to my hotel and start in on my dinner. In the morning, I will prepare to drive 3 hours to Saskatchewan, and maybe see a few things in nearby Chinook. The El Toro has a "no bull" aspect to it - quiet, clean, and almost brand spankin' renovated. The price was hard to beat, and there were some scary looking hotels I could have chosen instead.

Notice the long desk... ideal for blogging AND eating... and the flat screen TV.


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