Sunday, March 1, 2009

On My Way

Everything is packed and ready to go.

After hanging out and listening to the music of the Swinging Steaks at the Basement in Northampton - my wife and I got back home at 11PM, and promptly fell asleep.

The Swinging Steaks played a song they dedicated to me. "Glad and Sorry" by The Faces. The lines go like this...

"Can you show me a dream? Can you show me one that's better than life? Can you stand it to the cold light of day? Neither can I"

True simple words.

The big dream started a little over a yea ago - when I was approached to give the lyrics to a song written over 5 years ago. In truth: I have dreamed about the prospect of going back West for a while. Now I get to spend 12 days traveling over half of the country.

The journey starts at 2:15PM today.

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