Thursday, June 13, 2019

Without The Rocks.

The Brook would lose its Song.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Since I Started this Blog 10 Years Ago...

Originally, it was about tracing the roots of Wallace Stegner. But since he lived in so many places, that was not a viable option for me. Instead, I sought out the easiest and most difficult two places where he lived.

Saskatchewan and Vermont.

One places took me three days to get to and I've only been there once.

The other took 3 hours and I've been there 3 times.

What I enjoyed was the contrast. The wide open spaces of the Canadian prairie and badlands. The green hills and fresh running mountain waters of Vermont. People are interesting no matter where they are from. Some more friendly than others. I discovered the people in both to be about the same...  curious at a distance, reserved, but still polite.

In 2019, I have plans to get back up to the Northeast Kingdom, and someday, make the train ride to Montana and zip up to Saskatchewan once more.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

In The Moment

Back down in Rhode Island for a day, and everything is quiet, and warm. The sunsets on the winter are so pretty. The barren trees allow more of the pond to be visible, and the sun sets directly over the water.

It still is a great place to relax and focus on the being in the moment. I think about where I've been all these years, and the constant moving around. Finally settling in Western Massachusetts and putting down some roots. 

After it all, the little place in Little Rhodey has remained. I thought I would share this with someone this year, and show them where I find my peace and solitude. It only takes me a 2 hour drive to get into the moment. 2019 has been all about living in the Moment. Having been through everything imaginable last year. January is behind me, and even though the cold and the snow is not over by any means, I come down here and the ground is free of any frozen precipitation. 

I'm okay with that.

February will fly by, March will drag on, and before we know it, April and Spring will be upon us. I'm ready for that. But in the meantime, getting through the Winter, finding new challenges for the new year, and expanding my horizons are all part of my wishes to accomplish. Living in the Moment doesn't mean Staying in the Moment. It was nice to be here just for a little while. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

The Spectator

Another year gone by. Another year filled with Music.

Highlights of the year included Transperformance,

and countless rowdy shows with the Savage Brothers.

I also Rocked out with the Mambo Sons a few more times,

and guested with the guys from Brass Attack & extended Company on several occasions.



hosting (or co-hosting Open Mic events...

Always making rest home appearances for seniors...

... and finished off the year very nicely on New Year's Eve.

Moving Forward...

20 years living in Western Mass. My tribe is here, and the Valley is my blood.

What started out with a long drawn out Winter turned into a cathartic Spring and a Summer & Fall of song, celebration and joy.

All part of a still-evolving process, I am nowhere near completing.

I anticipate many wonderful shows in the future, and 2019 is already filled with all kinds of exciting, challenging activity.

I'm ready.