Monday, November 19, 2018

A Shooting Star

Some days are too cloudy too see the beauty that is still there.

Rhode Island is a place where I have many fond memories.

As a child, I would swim at Misquamicut Beach, play arcade games, and stroll the beach from one side to the other. As I got older, I would see live music at the clubs, until I was eventually playing in a few of those clubs. I lived in Providence during the early/mid '90s, and have a soft spot for the gritty area. Surrounded by large houses, bakeries, bistros and just up the road from Thayer Street where all the students from Brown and RISD would congregate.

I recently found myself back here, when I pressed the Reset button on my life. My parents bought a small house in the early '80s, and after my Mom passed away, my father had no interest in returning. So, now it is a place shared mostly with my brother and occasionally, I make the 2 hour trek to hang out and watch the sun set over Watchaug Pond. I filmed some videos here of me singing cover songs and originals alike.

A lot was going on in my life.

Starting over after so long where nothing seemingly changed was not something I would get used to quickly, but I was starting to get adjusted to this new normal. I would return to some of the beaches where I remember happier times. Eventually, I allowed myself to enjoy them once again, because it is a beautiful place, made to have new memories.

I'm getting there.