Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day Two Continued (The Empire Builder)

3:41PM (Empire Builder)

At last! I am leaving Chicago. After wolfing down a most delicious corned beef and swiss on rye - I boarded the Empire Builder for Havre, Montana. The train goes all the way to Seattle & Portland, and is the most popular train that heads to the West Coast. In early March, I don't think it is going to be all that busy. I was able to nab a front seat on the upper level, and quickly stretched out with my lap top and my digital camera to upload my pics.

Snow squalls are happening, but it looks like it wont be too bad. Who cares? I'm on a train. This is one of the reasons I opted against flying. A huge blizzard has paralyzed the East coast, and many flights have been canceled. The train keeps on rolling. I did very well on my earlier trip, but I may or may not decide to get a sleeper car. We will see how it goes. My ticket agent is very friendly, and that is always a plus. Many people I chat with are only going as far as Minneapolis. Although I am sure others will get on to travel the rest of the way. I could write off the roomette if I wanted, but how much better sleep would I get? For the sake of the experience, I could give it a shot on the way back.

So far, so good,

6:00PM (somewhere in Wisconsin)
After a brilliant, warming sunset, and the warming glow of my second spirit beverage, I return to my seat to find a fresh pillow waiting for me, These people are taking good care of us. Milwaukee was colder and snowier looking than Chicago, but Northern Wisconsin looks fairly tolerable in contrast. There is not much snow, and the before mentioned sunset was deceptively warming. As we got on the train in Chicago, I encountered a gentleman from NYC who was headed to the end of the line and then down to California to see his brothers, Anthony had worked as an administrator for a homeless. He took some time off, and was on his own sabbatical. We chatted about Van Morrison, the Blues, upstate NY, etc. He was a nice guy. now I am back in my seat and realizing I am less than a day away from getting off of this train.

Dinner was announced, but is hugely expensive. I have more of my cat food-like ham salad to keep me going instead.

I will fall asleep and wonder what the
morning shall bring.

It will bring North Dakota.

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