Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Searching For Wallace Stegner - Stay Frosty.

  Part of my adventure in Northern Vermont was to not only write and sight see, but to get away from some of the stresses surrounding work back home. It was my hope that as few days away would recharge my batteries, and I would come back refreshed and inspired. However, anytime my phone rang, it was about work.

I was hoping the second day would smooth over all of that.

I had passed by Lake Willoughby in my travels last year and decided this year I would make sure to stop. I had booked a small room at the Willoughvale Inn and Bed & Breakfast, which overlooked the crystal clear glacial waters with its mountains and sheer granite cliffs rising out from either side. My room was in the back, and had a private entrance, which was nice, because I was able to keep some privacy, and hoped to get some writing down. However, seeing that there was a fleet of unused canoes and kayaks by the water... writing would have to wait.  I walked to the waters edge grabbed a small kayak, put on a life vest, and paddled out to the middle of the lake to snap a few bucket list pictures.

Now that I have that out of the way. Lets get a bite to eat.

There is not much in the way of food out here in this past of Northern Vermont. You have to find a general store, and I did mange to get some wine, cheese, crackers and fruit, as well as a couple of deviled eggs. Wolfing down the eggs, I realized crackers and cheese wasn't going to get the job done. Since the bar was right on the other side of my wall, I decided to make my way over and order a burger.

The bar had a wonderful view of the lake and mountains, so I finished my burger, ordered a Manhattan, and enjoyed it out on the porch watching the clouds change color with the setting sun.

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